I'm a designer based in the Midlands, UK. I'm currently working as a Senior Product Designer for native apps over at Charlotte Tilbury. You can browse some of my previous work below and with me. #

Culture Trip #


Culture Trip is a content, e-commerce and technology company in the travel vertical. Operating since 2011, its mission was to shine a light on different cultures around the world.

Affiliate Bookings #

In 2017 I joined as a product designer to work alongside the small product and tech team, based in London and majority in Tel Aviv, on improving the website and native mobile apps. I spent time refining parts of the website functionality and improving parts of the native mobile apps like the App Store rating prompt as well as other things.

In early 2018, the company raised 80 million dollars in a series B round and went through a period of hyper growth. I focused on improving conversions for an affiliate booking program together with a Product Manager in London and a handful of developers in Tel Aviv in a small Growth squad.

Online Travel Agent #

After seeing some initial positive signals, the company decided to enter the OTA space and position itself as a curated boutique hotel specialist. I designed the first round of the hotel booking web experience from entry point through to product page and to checkout and confirmation/cancellation.

Growth/Pathways To Purchase #

I later joined a newly formed team named Pathways to Purchase and focused on experiments that drove traffic around the site to conversion opportunities. Whilst with this team, I also designed a scalable system of banner formats for the web that key messaging could take the form of. The system later became a part of what was known as Yantra and would manage dynamically placed house ads and banners on the site in key areas.

Content & Community #

I was given the opportunity to switch teams after being within P2P for a while. I worked within the content and community squad for 6 months, responsible for designing content production experiences. The business needed to reduce costs and automate workflows relating to commissioning content from our global 300+ freelance network of creatives. The ambition was to create a competitive marketplace for our freelance writers, illustrators and photographers to pick up work and deliver on time and within budget saving the company service and operational costs.

Bookable Experiences #

As the business shifted focus to bookable related experiences, I worked on improving said experiences across our website and both of our native mobile apps.

Native Checkout for Apps #

Within the Bookable Squad, I designed all the native checkout experiences for both hotels and our experiences for the app. Before having a native checkout, we used web views which provided a passable experience, but not one users of our app came to expect.

Apple Pay for Web & Apps #

Also within the Bookable Squad, I designed how Apple Pay would work via the web checkout on supported browsers and devices and the mobile iOS app natively. I also sat in with the developers and offered a technical solution to implement the Apple Pay button on the web.

Shifting Focus to Apps #

I moved teams again as focus shifted on improving the native mobile apps. I started to conduct an audit of screens to begin the process of aligning the design across screens and bring them into a unified design system while still respecting platform specifics. This was sadly short lived.

Providing Support & Wrapping Up #

Now, I'm offering my services to support the business and help them transition to a new business operation as they close down both hotels and experience businesses and focus on multi-day small group trips.

OnCare #

2016—2017 with Alistair Cohen

OnCare is a B2B SaaS business from the Founders Factory incubator. OnCare provides tools that saves costs to Care Agencies and make caring for the elderly easier. The business has three apps which I helped prototype and design. This includes a React Native app for both iOS and Android and a responsive web app. I worked on product strategy, prototypes and informing the user experience, as well as the creative direction.

Carmen #

2016 with Mathilde Leo

Carmen—later known as Frisbee—was a web based peer-to-peer workplace feedback tool from the Founders Factory incubator. My involvement included recording notes during user interviews ran by the Product Manager to find out possible needs for getting direct, actionable and empathetic feedback, prototyping early ideas of the UI and designing the refined interface for the web app.

Robin #

2015—2016 with Michael Willmott

Robin was a mobile workplace training app from the Founders Factory incubator. Geared towards sales teams, it solved the problem of getting new reps up to speed faster and more efficiently.

I worked on both native iOS and Android apps and a web app dashboard for managing teams and content.

State #

2014—2015 with Alex Nako

State, the world’s global opinion network. Tag your opinions and let the world know what you think through structured analysis. Build friendships with people who think similarly, or have healthy debates with people who think different. I worked on refreshing the iOS and Android apps and helped redesign and launch the new responsive web app.

Wonder PL #

2014 with Fabio Basile and Ryan Murphy

Wonder Place was a premium video mobile service for iOS. It boasted curated videos in categories like creativity, health and wellness among others.

I worked on improving the UX and UI for the iOS app as well as a new monetisation feature. I also worked on the front-end for a new web based video project management app aiming to improve relationships between indie movie makers and studios.

if you want to work together on interaction design, icon design, user experience or product strategy. #